Testimonials & Reviews

What a wonderful experience your course was! You covered a lot of what I hadn’t thought of, things that if I would have known before starting out that I would have done differently. It was a great learning experience and I will definitely utilize all of the knowledge that was given for my company and encourage other instructors to take your course as well! I would definitely recommend this course to all of my fellow instructors!



Ft. Lauderdale, FL

You certainly gave me great insight on how to improve how I teach my classes & how I conduct my business back in Atlanta. It was also great to meet other instructors & to have the opportunity to network with other dance studio owners all over the U.S…



Atlanta, GA

I felt that your stories told was the most important part. They were a great help in understanding the business side as a dance instructor, as well as the experiences that went on in getting to where you have become today. Another thing that I felt was most important – BLUE TAPE! I will attend another Instructors Training, in fact, I already have a few that are wanting to go to the next Instructors Training!



Los Angeles, CA

How to start … OUTSTANDING! PHENOMENAL! LIFE ALTERING!  I’d attended two of your classes prior to this (DBM and White Belt Certification) next level of certification. I had my chair upright, seatbelt buckled and my tray table stowed in the locked and upright position and still I wasn’t prepared for the level of instruction and intensity of these courses.

No one teaches the whys like you do Edie. In many, many, many seminars and classes that I’ve attended. They tell you what to do … but never the whys. You shared the whys, which in turn connected all of the dots. Being willing to recognize that I didn’t know what I didn’t know … made the it possible to see the connectedness. WOW! I’m preparing myself for the next belt now. I am convinced, “Clarity is the first lesson in learning”. You brought the clarity and I was more than able to learn!!!

Thank-you for taking the time and devoting the energy to designing and developing this system. You and your team deserve the highest accolades.

In the Navy we say Bravo Zulu when someone does something that deserves praise. BRAVO ZULU EDIE AND TEAM!!


Art Davis

US Navy, Connecticut, Certified BBS™ Red Belt Trainer

If it wasn’t for the blend of styles and techniques in the BBS I would have had a nightmare time. Went dancing last night here in my city. Really opened my eyes as to why we need the BBS and a structured syllabus. I danced with 10 different girls and each one did something completely different. Guys were struggling to lead these girls.  But I was able to keep a Venezuelan girl happy by dancing “cumbia” and then moved to another girl who only knew LA. I ended up getting compliments all night from the girls I danced with because I adapted to them but still led. It was awesome.



I’ve already integrated some of your methodologies into my classes with amazing responses
from the students. Any instructor who wishes to improve him/herself or wishes to run a dance studio or dance team more efficiently and successfully should attend your workshops at the earliest possible opportunity; it will change their whole outlook on dancing and teaching. Thank you for so openly sharing all of your knowledge and experience with me and with the world!

Art Davis

A.D. , Bangalore, India

… “It still astonishes me to understand how much training with Edie has changed both my dancing technique and my presence while dancing. The first time dancing in Boston since returning from Blue Belt Training in Denver, women smiled while dancing with me like they never had and exclaimed, “You’re not a Boston dancer! Where are you from?!”Little did they know I had received all my dance training but one week while dancing in Denver with Edie. That’s how much Edie changes and improves people’s dancing. It’s incredible!”

Sam Newland

Certified Blue Belt

I have never known someone with your level of worldwide recognition who is so humble and approachable.
You have been an inspiration, not only in terms of your dancing, but also your business development and attitude in general. It will be an honor to be able to work with you.





It was amazing! I learned so much and you are amazing at what you do!
It was the best time and money investment I’ve ever made! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us ? Wow! It’s very hard just to pick one since a lot of information she covered was amazing and mind blowing. I really enjoyed learning about unique teaching methods.



Los Angeles, CA

This was my second instructor training course with you and this blew me away. I’m so happy that I attended
and had the opportunity to meet others with the same passion. I can see how much more you’ve added and the difference in focus on the physical training.



Miami, Florida

The White Belt Course was “Excellent” because I am a visual learner and learn best from diagrams. Edie uses concrete examples that help students understand. The presentation was well-organized and very well done. She gave an excellent explanation of timing, and how to find both the “1” and the “2”. I felt that Edie’s emphasis on the student’s perspective was the most important part of the training…


Colorado Springs, CO

I LOVE the online Step-by-Step Videos!! Extremely helpful!!

Tonya Outlaw

Certified Red Belt Pro Trainer

What a Great Idea – access to videos of what we are learning every week in class!! This is a Fantastic way of helping me remember what I learned! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge with all of us.


Golden, CO

It was the best investment I had made in a long time. Now I need to continue and learn more. what is next in your program?


New York, NY

Your work is amazing. I joined just few of your classes in Europe, and loved it. The most, how often the people are laughing and don’t recognize how much input they get… Do you have a class where I can learn how to motivate and entertain more my classes? Some techniques … After good work and so on?

Thank you for your help!




… I simply cannot find the words to convey how excited I am about being a part of the BBS System!! I was in training most of the day … and have learned so much! Willie McIntosh is an absolutely fantastic instructor, not to mention a wonderful person, but he has made this training one of the best training sessions I think I have ever had. The material that we have covered is absolutely fantastic and I can already see how it is going to transform my students, classes, business, and me both personally and professionally. I already KNOW that this is by far one of the BEST INVESTMENTS that I could have ever made for my students and my dance company.



Charlotte, NC, Baila con Pasion

What an exciting and excellent Purple belt training program I’ve had so far with in Fresno! His energy, enthusiasm and genuine love of Salsa was totally amazing to be around! I came to Pete looking to sharpen my instruction skills and was looking to get new ideas to grow and round out my teaching capabilities – He’s done that and so much more! The way Pete has explained the BBS system to me has forever changed my style of teaching! His patience, expertise, versatility and unparalleled  sense of musicality has made learning the BBS an accessible and creative experience all around! He is not only a stellar dancer, but a master teacher who is very focused on helping his students construct and maintain a solid foundation from which to build a lifetime of incredible teaching skills for youth and adults alike!



Oakland, CA

So Rewarding and empowering… I don’t know who is happier, me or my students!Just finished night 1 on a BBS lesson @ the rec … they had a blast!! The look on of the lead’s face was priceless…he said, finally, I can dance confidently from the get go, instead of waiting half a song to get my moves “on”!! ? The new information that I can give my students is so rewarding & empowering. Pure joy…in fact, sometimes. Thank YOU Edie!!”


Jessica G.

Certified Red Belt Pro Trainer

With BBS, a lead could run out of song with all the variations and spin offs of the moves! In other Salsa classes, over time I was forgetting 80% of what I was learning. The BBS system of move/belt sequences is the key for getting leads up to par, fast!


Denver, CO