Mission:  To Create the Best Social Dancers and Instructors in the World!

What Is The Black Belt Dance Academy System?

Learn about how the Black Belt System has changed the world of dance.

Become An Instructor

Feel fulfilled by instructing and informing hundreds of eager students.

Become A Student

Learn about how the Black Belt System has changed the world of dance.

What Is DBM?

Discover the secret to owning and running a successful dance studio business!

1. Physical

Black Belt Dance Franchise, Inc.

Online and In-Person

Black Belt Dance Academy™ (BBDA)

  • Who is at a particular level, instructor AND student

  • What is the curriculum. What to teach.

  • Where the move is progressively placed in the system. Where to place students and instructors.

  • When to teach the moves and progress students

  • Why what is taught “makes sense”

  • How to teach the curriculum, communicate it, and progress it through every level.

2. Business


Dance Business Management™ (DBM) – Online Course Download

  • Who is our customer, and who is in charge of what?

  • What to market and delegate, and what to say “yes” and “no” to.

  • Where to drive customers to your school, where to find instructors, and where to take your next vacation.

  • When to hold classes and when to move

  • Why – a question to always ask at every level of your business

  • How to bring in the masses without killing yourself or your staff in the process.

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